Family Of Woman Shot Near Capitol Plans To Sue Federal Government for 75 million. #wth #wp #book




There is no reason the family should have a chance of winning this case . The officers exhausted all of their readily available options to stop her.
There is no way to know what any drivers preexisting psychological conditions are before you meet them. So in order for them do know what state of mind she was in, she would have had to stop!
Maybe after ramming through a police barricade outside The White House of all places , it would have been a good time to stop. After all she did have her baby in the car with her.

To think that the family is seriously claiming that she was “NOT Delusional” .

Sorry family but that woman could not have been right in the head to drive into the must secure area in the World …whiles hitting a barricade with your new burn in the car and not stopping to even check on the baby.

I guess that’s just normal behavior in that family.

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