VAGX  is a Korean based company that has been producing gear and apparel for the cyclist and skater scene .
I like the consider them the Korean version of VANS. “got my VANS but they look like sneakers”
But why am i mentioning them? well VAGX has launch a new collection called “LUMINASAC”.

And what that is , is a series of bags ,straps, hats and etc, that give off a really bright blue light to help with visibility.

As far as i’m concerned that is the best way to go about gain more fans/follower. Help them stay alive as they enjoy the minimalist lifestyle

About loganmatteblk

I'm what many may call " the go to guy". Over the very few years I've been alive ,I've become acquainted, and made friends with some extraordinary individuals. I'm a very abstract person , I would say practice. I believe that everything in life even the most difficult of things , require only concentrated effort to be achieved, and left it the calm of one's first ...climax.

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