So maybe I’m late on this ,but I just found out that it is a fact that kid Cudi will be staring in the live action SPEED FOR SPEED movie.

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi  debut mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi”  was first release in 2008  . But,  it was his single “Day ‘n’ Nite (Nightmare)” that really launch the career of the kid in 2009 .He is said to be a “American alternative hip hop recording artist” which I’m not sure what the alternative part means , but I’m not going to get into that .Others have called him a  singer-songwriter, guitarist and  record producer. But now it seems that this  Cleveland, Ohio Kid has even more tricks up his sleeve as he tacks on Actor to his long list of credits.

Mr Mescudi  will be  joining Aaron Paul in the  DreamWorks’ Live  action adaptation of  EA’s  Need for Speed. states that :

The film will also feature Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malek and Harrison Gilbertson.

Even with  the film being dated for release on February 7th, 2014. Expectations are already very high for fan of the franchise like your truly .

The story sees Aaron Paul (best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on the hit television series Breaking Bad ) as Tobey Marshall a local street racer who, after being framed for the death of a friend, joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge.

I can wait to see what cars are going to be used for the film . Something tells me the McLaren MP4-12C maybe that is just me hoping but either way I’m sure it’s going to be a fun movie.

If you hear anything on the street let me know ,leave a comment or let me know what you think about the idea of a NFS movie.

The Fiat 500 Abarth

So lately I’ve been refer to as “such a man”,  by many of my female friends and my fiance. And I’d like to respond to that here …

Thank You .

Scott Campbell & Pirelli

“During the Karl Lagerfeld Pirelli calendar launch in Moscow, Renato Montagner, Creative Director of Pirelli P Zero, commissioned artist Scott Campbell to create two signature projects. To engrave a Pirelli tire and to design a special edition P Zero bike jacket by Dainese. In the summer of 2011, Campbell began working on these pieces in his Brooklyn studio in New York.”

” I got off the plane in New
York and just fell in love . New York is the kinda place where you can Sit still and feel like your moving .”-Scott Campbell

Mini cooper’s & Llyod- Dedication to my EX

Mini cooper’s have always been small ,sexy and quick cars . But have only recently gained  popularity here in the United States among hipsters ,self proclaimed hippies and city dwellers .With the help of car rental company Zip-car and multiply high octane Ad campaigns Mini Cooper has seen a lot of success. But even with all there success they not really been able to capture the attention of a very important group here in the US.  The Minorities,  minorities do not buy little cars that a fact. I can’t speak for everyone on why .But, here are a few of my reason . (1) too small, (2) no much room for customization because Mini dose all of that in house and (3) With myself being a 6’3″ muscular , black man (yes suspect number 3) there are no back seats when I sit down  .
OK so after lots of fans  like myself  moaned about  this the BMW the Parent company for Mini Cooper.
After years Mini released :

OK so everyone is happy , right. Well not yet ,Mini now Has to get the word out. And thing the found a really great way to do that. 
 How !? take samples from pop music of the 60’s . The 1960’s was the birth era for the company and the free love era in the US. 
you then call upon the aid  of HipHop and R&B’s  most famous artist. Then you have everyone dress up in clothes from that era.  
And that equals.>

F125 Mercedes-Benz

As you may or may not know this year marks the 125th year anniversary of Mercedes-Benz.

This moment in Auto-motive history should really be celebrated being that Mercedes-Benz has pioneered a wide range of car safety features that are now standards. So in my mind I see this moment as the 125th anniversary of auto-motive safety. Some of the features first to be introduced by Mercedes Benz would be Traction Control. Traction control is used to maintain the stability and control the car while driving. This is done by preventing wheel spend on pull off or on slippery surfaces. MB was the first to offer airbags in 1980.This made the auto maker the first to include those airbags as standard safety equipment on its cars. MB also initiated the use of pre-tension detectors to seat belts. It was first seen on the 1981 MB S-Class. This featured the tightening of the belts instantaneously to prevent the impact against the seat belt when the crash occurs.

These plus the anti-lock brakes, collapsible steering column, brake assist, automatic fuel shut-off and more array of safety features were initiated by Mercedes-Benz first. Because of these, it is the only auto maker that allows its competitors to use those features for the sake of improving automotive safety. In fact, crumple zones another Mercedes Benz first and anti-lock brake is now used on all vehicles.

To celebrate their 125th year anniversary Mercedes-Benz has launch the F125 concept car. In the F125 Mercedes-Benz rigorously follows its vision of emission-free driving with hydrogen power, underlining the potential of H2 as an energy source for the future. While Mercedes-Benz research vehicles have always looked ahead and have been years ahead of the competition by roughly seven to eight years – the F125 As the latest technological vision goes a whole step further, by more than two generations to the year 2025 and beyond.

“With the F125 We want to show that large, comfortable and safe saloon cars have an excellent future, partly because they are able to operate with no emissions. The legend that is the S-Class will continue into the future thanks to intelligent solutions that always have the customer’s needs in mind,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “The new research vehicle illustrates and underlines this claim to leadership with innovative ideas and traditional Mercedes strengths in the areas of design, safety, comfort and performance.”

My only hope for future Mercedes Benz’ cars is that they don’t continue with gold-wings doors, their not best for parking lots and/or short people. 

I ♥ Zipcar

My Mornings start like this

I’m a huge fan of Zipcar even thought, this is because I live in DC and owning a car here is a constant battle. I would have fight for Parking or pay way too much for it .Put away 1/8 of my paycheck for tickets each month . So as logic would have it I signed up for Zipcar. 

It was not long ago that car-sharing services like Zipcar were perceived as a threat to the sales volumes of traditional automakers.

But the Ford Motor Company is taking the view that drivers who rent from Zipcar by the hour just might be potential customers down the road.

 They must have thought to to themselves that if kids are going to be driving a car in any respect it would serve us best if their driving Fords.

Ford and Zipcar are expected on Wednesday to announce an unusual partnership in which the Detroit automaker will supply its vehicles to Zipcar locations on 250 college and university campuses in the United States.

The two-year program will provide Zipcar with up to 1,000 Ford Focus sedans and Escape sport utility vehicles for students who prefer short-term vehicle rentals to the trouble and expense of owning their own car.

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Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!

No death for Auto Tunners

When it come to cars, I know my ish . During my college years I worked for Marc Parc Valet  for half a decade As a Special Events  manager  for people with  more money than driving talent. I love people like that, you can find them crawling out of the 200k cars with the help of a cane.
 I’ve been lucky to have driven everything for the most party some good , some bad and some WTF were thinking.
Above is a picture of Vilner Luxes’ 
This Beast of a machine is yet another Auto Tunners attempt at taking a already bad ass
 Land Rover…
and feeding it Steroids as if they were Tic Tacs to create the likes of the 
Bowler Nemesis.
What Vilner Luxes did was bring out all the great features of the Land Rover. 
All of the off road capability was boost as well the higher lever of luxury, they did a great job with the defender and i can’t wait for maybe a chance to drive one of these machines and see for myself if the were able to maintain the madness .

Vilner luxes out the Land Rover Defender

Pirelli Calendar 2012

December 6th is the release date for the new Pirelli Calendar 2012 ,as with every much anticipated year that comes. The photo Shot last year by Karl Lagerfeld, the 2012 calendar was produced on Corsica by Italian photography Mario Sorrenti, with theme of ‘natural feminine beauty’ this time. Shot by Sorrenti were this time among others Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Mila Jovovich, Rinko Kikuchi, Saskia de Brauw and Isabeli Fontana.